For a family with limited resources, hiring a college consultant can be a significant cost. We believe families may not always need comprehensive services, and that perhaps a few hours with a consultant can provide all the assistance they need.

Most families and students are not familiar with college application procedures. Parents and children are usually very busy with high school and cannot focus on higher education. While it is obvious that high school counselors are often great resources, it may be harder for them to focus as much time on individual students. The fastest way to prepare and organize college applications requires a personalized approach. Each student has his or her unique academic successes, future plans, and expectations. With respect to those authenticities, each student needs personalized evaluation and plans toward college education. With this personalized approach, families and students can make the best decisions on different universities.

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EZ College Consulting focuses on personalized college consulting for both families and students who need fast, understandable, effective and affordable consulting on their college applications.

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Dr. Erkan Acar is the founder of USA International Education Consulting LLC. He received his PhD in Human Development-Instructional Leadership at Marywood University in PA, USA. He has worked as an academic advisor for international students and coordinator of international affairs at different universities. He has also taught at various colleges since 2008. Dr. Acar is a Udemy (online teaching platform) instructor with more than 6,300 students from 135 different countries. He has numerous publications and exceptional recognition from the government of the United States.


I received assistance on my personal statement. As an international applicant (graduate level), I struggled a lot although I needed to complete something in 1,000 words. The team helped me a lot and I was able to complete it in three days. It looks perfect now. Thanks.


Early planning for college applications is important but we did not know what exactly we should do. High school counselors are extremely busy and their recommendations are very limited. We purchased a high school planning report for our son [which] included classes that he will choose and extracurricular activities that he will attend. There were many other personalized recommendations in the report and we are far more comfortable toward college applications.


Being an international student is challenging especially in an unfamiliar educational system. A six-page report clarified all question marks in my mind. I completed my application without any other external help for my graduate school applications. Thanks.


Having thousands of options (universities) makes things extremely complicated. Receiving help from a professional is essential. You save on money and time.


I think all I needed was a holistic approach for college applications. I needed to see every aspect and step for college applications and planning. The report helped us a lot. I highly recommend the service.


I needed a simple solution for my son’s applications. Something easy to understand. Something that will answer all of my questions. The road map report was extremely helpful for myself as a parent and for my son.


Personalized Road Map Report

1585 USD
  • A 5 to 7 pages report with a holistic approach for students and parents regarding their college choices and application procedures
  • Academic evaluation of the student
  • Test scores (SAT, ACT, etc.) evaluation
  • Extracurricular activity and its evaluation
  • Scholarship opportunities and applications
  • Technical application procedures
  • Special talents (language, art skills, etc.) and their evaluation
  • The schools that best match to the student’s profile (College List broken into categories of safe schools, best match, and “let’s try”)

Personal Statement Assistance

985 USD
  • Assistance to complete an impressive essay
  • Brainstorming session (approximately 45 minutes).
  • To reveal the student’s full characteristics and potential, we pose approximately 25 questions
  • Parents can also join this conversation.
  • First round of feedback.
  • An outline with the most important individualities
  • The student prepares the statement (essay)
  • The second round of feedback
  • We finalize the statement (essay)

Full Service on College Applications

2985 USD
  • Providing a full service on college application
  • Including the Road Map Report
  • Including the Personal Statement Assistance
  • Email Communication Assistance
  • Resume Building
  • Recommendations as well as practice for college interviews
  • Continues for about 2 months, with follow-up services

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