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We made college consulting easy, fast, understandable, and affordable for everybody. We believe in the “no child left behind” philosophy, especially when it comes to college application assistance. However, it is a reality that millions of students cannot receive proper consulting due to lack of resources. We aim to provide a clear picture of the student’s capacity and the steps he will be taking toward the best-match colleges.

We Care

A regular high school counselor will only spend an average of 38 minutes on each student per year. We designed our services with respect to the needs of students as well as the needs of their parents.

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Communicates clearly and effectively at all levels. Produces easily understandable reports and presentations. Effectively deals with all stakeholders, for domestic and international students. Respects confidentiality. Provides timely feedback and follow up.

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Message From Founder


Dr. Erkan Acar

We made college consulting easy, fast, understandable,and affordable for everybody.

For a family with limited resources, hiring a college consultant can be a significant cost. We believe families may not always need comprehensive services, and that perhaps a few hours with a consultant can provide all the assistance they need.

Most families and students are not familiar with college application procedures. Parents and children are usually very busy with high school and cannot focus on higher education. While it is obvious that high school counselors are often great resources, it may be harder for them to focus as much time on individual students.


(At high schools, the average time that a college guidance counselor spends on each student is around 38 minutes per year; meanwhile, the average hourly fee of an independent college consultant is around $200.)

The fastest way to prepare and organize college applications requires a personalized approach. Each student has his or her unique academic successes, future plans, and expectations. With respect to those authenticities, each student needs personalized evaluation and plans toward college education. With this personalized approach, families and students can make the best decisions on different universities. They can also save money and time, since college applications are time-sensitive.

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