Service for International Students

1.1 million international students prefer US colleges for their undergraduate and graduate educations. Since there are more than 4,500 higher education institutions in this country, choosing the best match schools, locations, and application procedures can be extremely complicated for those international applicants. International students also need personalized consulting.

Our Road Map Report service provides the fastest, easiest, and most affordable personalized consulting. This report provides a holistic approach for students and parents regarding their college choices (graduate and undergraduate levels) and application procedures. This is how we make things easy and understandable, especially for international students.

The titles in this report include but are not limited to (1) academic evaluation of the student, (2) test scores (SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, IELTS, etc.) evaluation, (3) extracurricular activity and its evaluation, (4) the schools that best match to the student’s profile (College List broken into categories of safe schools, best match, and “let’s try”), (5) scholarship opportunities and applications, (6) technical application procedures and The Common Application platform, (7) action plan with organizational timeline, (8) and special talents (language, art skills, etc.) and their evaluation.

With this report (and guidance), students and parents can make the best decisions without hesitation on confusing details (International Students Sample Report).

How does the process work?

We pose approximately 25 questions to the student (please see the sample questions). Since there are open-ended questions, parents and students may request us to focus on specific issues in the report.

Based on the answers, we prepare a Road Map Report within 6-7 days.

International Students can also purchase Personal Statement (Essay) Assistance Service (485$)or Full Service of College Applications (2500$).