The Situation

Alp was from Turkey and received his law degree from one of the most prestigious universities in Istanbul. He wanted to continue his education in the United States. He wanted to apply to LL.M. programs at top law schools in the US. He had an impressive educational background that included a few publications. He had also completed internships in elite law offices in the United Kingdom. Alp had high scores from specific standardized tests in Turkey. Further, he had recognitions from independent organizations as a young lawyer.

The Solution

The Challenge

Although Alp had impressive educational success stories, his work experience was lacking. We knew that law schools preferred applicants who also had notable work knowledge. Further, Alp’s personal statement had serious organization problems. There was no paragraph indicating further research interests and his potential for continuing to conduct research during his LL.M. studies.

The Result

Alp received 10 acceptance letters with partial and full scholarships. After carefully evaluating the options, he chose the University of California at Berkley’s LL.M. program. He later found an assistantship position at the school. Alp is currently pursuing his S.J.D. at the same school.

How EZ College Consulting Helped Him?

We completed our initial consulting session within 45 minutes. After receiving the detailed information about Alp’s background as well as his future plans, we prepared the personalized Road Map Report in 5 days. We evaluated 45 schools for him and narrowed options down to 10 schools. When selecting the schools, we always considered Alp’s financial capacity, preferences for specific locations (e.g., cities, states), and academic success, as well as each school’s rankings and reputation and the areas of concentration of its LL.M. program. The report also included details about how Alp would go about applying to those selected schools, required documentation, time management (deadlines), etc. We were also able to schedule a meeting with Alp and our previous international students who are studying LL.M. in the United States. He was able to ask his questions directly to someone who had faced similar procedures. Furthermore, we helped him to write his personal statement from scratch. This procedure took 5 days.


We purchased the full service and Dr. Acar clarified every step for the applications. The most important parts were about selecting the best-match colleges and writing the personal statement. Things went well and my daughter is at her dream school.


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Road Map Report gives you tailored details. You can modify the report with respect to your needs. We needed a “best match” school list in the New Jersey and New York City area for our son. We received a very clear picture of 7 universities and computer science majors. The report was very convincing and motivational for our son.


There are so many technical steps you should take for college applications. It is definitely a complicated procedure if you want the best possibility for your child. We purchased the road map report and as I expected, I received a holistic approach in 6 pages. All questions that I have (and more) have the answers with convincing reasons.


Early planning for college applications is important but we did not know what exactly we should do. High school counselors are extremely busy and their recommendations are very limited. We purchased a high school planning report for our son [which] included classes that he will choose and extracurricular activities that he will attend. There were many other personalized recommendations in the report and we are far more comfortable toward college applications.


Having thousands of options (universities) makes things extremely complicated. Receiving help from a professional is essential. You save on money and time.


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