The Situation

David’s mother called us for David’s college applications. He was a senior and it was March. He had less than 3 months until his graduation and he had not applied to any schools. His mother requested a very fast service since many schools’ deadlines had passed.

The Solution

The Challenge

There were few schools available for David’s application. His personal statement was not ready. David was also not sure about the college major that he wanted to study; he was torn between computer science and chemical engineering. He did not have detailed information about those majors. His parents had tried to convince him to narrow down his choices but they did not get a result.

The Result

David received 4 acceptance letters. He started the Computer Science program at University of Central Florida. David received a 40% scholarship. With the FAFSA scholarship, he does not pay anything to attend this school.

How EZ College Consulting Helped Him?

We provided a full service for David. We knew that he was too late, and as soon as we did our first consulting session we started our Road Map Report. Since David was interested in two different majors, we included extra information with 3 more pages for him to make a well-informed decision. We helped him to complete his personal essay. We used the same information about him to create an outline (Personal Statement) from the first counseling session. We helped him to complete his applications on The Common Application platform. We facilitated email communication between David and the universities. We also guided David as he prepared the necessary documents for his applications.


Road Map Report gives you tailored details. You can modify the report with respect to your needs. We needed a “best match” school list in the New Jersey and New York City area for our son. We received a very clear picture of 7 universities and computer science majors. The report was very convincing and motivational for our son.


Dr. Acar helped us to complete our college essay and I am very sure that it is looks very good now. Thanks.


I think all I needed was a holistic approach for college applications. I needed to see every aspect and step for college applications and planning. The report helped us a lot. I highly recommend the service.


Having thousands of options (universities) makes things extremely complicated. Receiving help from a professional is essential. You save on money and time.


We received assistance for a college essay. It sounds very easy to complete a 650-word essay but believe me our daughter spent days on it but nothing impressive came out. Dr. Acar helped us and in a couple of days we completed a very effective personal essay. We are very happy to with him. He was always timely, responsive, and helpful. Great experience.


I talked to different agencies but this is the fastest and most effective product (Road Map Report) I have ever seen for college applications.


We were not familiar with overall college applications and needed “understandable” consulting for our daughter. Thank God we were not too late to get a consulting report. The report that we received included all aspects of college applications with individualized highlights. We saved time and money but more important than those, we stayed away from the stress of confusion.


Writing a personal statement was a challenge and there is no single format. Every single student has a different background and unique future plans. Without the essay assistance service, I would not have been able to complete an impressive essay. Thanks.


Being an international student is challenging especially in an unfamiliar educational system. A six-page report clarified all question marks in my mind. I completed my application without any other external help for my graduate school applications. Thanks.


I knew that school counselors were extremely busy at high schools. But I did not know that the average time they spend for each student was around 38 minutes per year. [There is] no way for individualized consulting. On the other hand, private consulting companies are offering services with extreme costs. We looked at the sample road map reports at ezcollegeconsulting.com and purchased one. The five-page report explains almost all of the questions you have in your mind. The best thing about this report is the individualized and honest comments about our son’s academic performance.