The challenge was about timing

The Situation

Maria’s mother called us regarding Maria’s college application on October 15th2018. Maria was an 11thgrade student and both her grade point average and her SAT test scores were strong enough to place her at a high-ranked college in New York-New Jersey area. However, neither Maria nor her parents were aware of the early action and early decision deadline, which was November 1st.

The Solution

The Challenge

Although Maria had an impressive background (6 AP classes, high SAT scores, etc.), she faced the challenge of preparing all documents for her applications by November 1st. Further, she needed to decide the schools to which she would be applying. The challenge was about timing.


Maria received acceptance letters from those 7 schools with partial scholarships (30%-50%). After carefully evaluating the offers, she chose New York University.

How EZ College Consulting Helped Her?

Early action and early decision deadlines are crucial for many students. The acceptance rates and the scholarship rates are both always higher for students who apply before November 1stvia early action or early decision avenues. After a 45-minute pre-consulting session (25 questions), we identified all of Maria’s academic potential. Our team then started writing the Road Map Report. Titles in this report included but were not limited to (1) academic evaluation of Maria, (2) test score (SAT, ACT, etc.) evaluation, (3) extracurricular activity and its evaluation, (4) the schools that best matched Maria’s student profile (college list broken down into safe school, best match, and “let’s try” categories), (5) scholarship opportunities and applications, (6) technical application procedures and The Common Application platform, (7) action plan with organizational timeline, and (8) special talents (language, art skills, etc.) and their evaluation. By using the same information after the pre-consulting sessions, we helped Maria to complete her personal statement (student essay). While we prepared those two services, we also guided Maria as she started the technical application procedure, and especially with registering on The Common Application platform. We completed both services within 4 days. Maria followed the directions in the report and completed her applications to 7 schools that were ranked among the top 50 universities nationwide.  Her parents, meanwhile, were also well informed via this Road Map Report. They were able to see the clear picture of their daughter’s academic potential.


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I talked to different agencies but this is the fastest and most effective product (Road Map Report) I have ever seen for college applications.


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